East Bay Massage: Fibroids

Up to as much as 80% of all fertile women will at some point develop leiomyomas, or fibroid tumors. These benign growths most commonly appear in the smooth muscle walls or connective tissues of the uterus, but the good news is that they are most often asymptomatic– meaning that they do not generate any symptoms that would send you to your OB. If symptoms are presenting, they usually manifest in heavy or watery periods. If you are experiencing lower back pain whose origin is hard to pinpoint, or if it seems to be exacerbated by your period, large fibroid tumors could be the root cause.

How does massage fit in to this picture? The sacro-uterine ligament, baby! This ligament attaches from the neck of the uterus to the sacrum, which what most think of as their tail-bone. Imagine a big heavy tumor growing inside the uterus– as it grows, it taxes the ligament more and more, which in turn pulls on the sacrum. Before you know it, ouchie! Lower back pain.

Massage can help with easing the torque on the lower back from the sacro-uterine ligament. Oftentimes, when one structure is overtaxed, neighboring tissues take up the slack. This is one reason why entire regions of the body become tender, sore, or inflamed. Because massage is also calming to the nervous system, it helps the client in managing her symptoms. Of course, if large fibroids are known to be present, abdominal work should be avoided.

There you have it! Another reason why massage is awesome!

Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage!


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