East Bay Massage: 9/11

I just spent the afternoon volunteering some free massage. As I was driving to the location, I saw lots of American flags hanging on the fences on the overpasses and people gathering together there. On the radio, listeners called in to share their memories about 9/11 or to talk about loved ones they had lost. It’s clear that 10 years later, many of us still struggle to process what happened that day, and even though life has propelled us forward and demanded that we “continue on,” for many, there is still a wound which may be impossible to heal.

I spent four hours without a gap or a break, giving ten minute massages. It’s not like I was able to restore a long-missed family member or solve the complex knots in foreign and domestic policy resulting from 9/11 (alas, I am powerless against TSA). But this experience was really singular and unique– it seemed like the people who flowed without cease into my chair deeply needed to be touched. The response was one of warmth, community, and enthusiasm.

I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate 9/11. I think Kalil Gibran wrote in the The Prophet that “your work is your love made visible.” If we can cultivate love instead of fear, maybe we will be a little bit closer to healing the deep wound created in the soul of our country ten years ago.

Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage! And give someone a hug!

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  1. Shannon O'Neill Jewell
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 00:01:47

    What a great way to contribute!! 🙂 – Shannon


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