East Bay Massage: TMJD and Intra-Oral Craniosacral Therapy

How many times have you heard a popping noise in your ear as you chew, yawn, or even talk? If you have, then you have experienced the primary symptom of Temperomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD). This tell-tale noise occurs when the disc within the join slips forward of the condyle of the mandible. Dysfunction of the TMJ can be exacerbated by teeth clenching or grinding at night and can refer pain to the ear or limit the jaw’s range of motion.

The Temperomandibular Joint and the surrounding musculature allows for movement in the jaw in side to side and opened and closed positions. It’s important! If you aren’t able to comfortably chew food or open your mouth all the way, it can get frustrating– what’s worse, it can become painful if the surrounding tissues, ear canal, or trigenimal nerve become inflamed.

Craniosacral Therapy can help relieve the symptoms and improve the jaw’s range of motion. Intra-oral work, or work done inside the mouth while wearing protective gloves, can help to release the soft tissues surrounding the TMJ. Certain cranial bones and deep muscle layers are only accessible from inside the mouth. Helping these areas (the lateral pterygoids which are the only muscles in a grouping of four that control jaw movement responsible for opening the mouth, and the bone of the mandible itself) decompress by creating room around the joint can ease TMJ symptoms. Taking the time to relax, supported by therapeutic bodywork, will help your body finds its balance and improve its ability to heal.

Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage! More on this effective modality to follow!


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