East Bay Massage: Suture Self! What’s that supposed to mean?

“Suture Self” is a concept that occurred to me in a moment of unadulterated nerdiness. It’s on all my business cards, frequent client cards, coupons, letterhead, gift certificates, etc.(Vistaprint is a dangerous, dangerous place….). I think it’s an important idea that might bear some explaining.  It came together as I pondered a few different ideas several weeks ago and as a result, has become the tagline for my business.

Concept 1: Anatomically speaking, the kinds of sutures I’m alluding to are cranial sutures. And no, they aren’t the nasty black stitches that stick out of your skin like bug’s legs when you get a nasty gash. Cranial sutures are the area between two cranial bones which is connected by ligament. Bones in the head fit together in several different ways, and because they are separated by ligament, do have some movement. If you think of the bones in your head like tectonic plates in the earth, you can imagine how two structures butt up against each other. If the bones in the cranium begin relating to each other in a way that is compressed, cramped, subluxated, or angled off in a weird way, it can create anatomical and energetic volcanoes, earthquakes, or new mountain ranges in the skull.

Huh? Bascially, if the bones of your head get out of alignment, it can create uncomfortable symptoms in there. Head injury, concussion, facial, eye, teeth grinding or clenching, or dental work can all contribute to a misalignment. This can effect the membranes that encase the brain, the way cerebral spinal fluid flows up and down the spine, and the way your nervous system functions. Some symptoms may include but are definitely not limited to: migraines, headaches, dizziness, neck or back ache, or emotional disturbance/discomfort.

Concept 2: Oftentimes, people struggle with justifying receiving bodywork. It is an expense that our culture and our present economy categorizes under the column of ‘want’ not ‘need.’ Sometimes it feels like people who receive body work must have extra money to throw around, and extra time. Or, perhaps more subconsciously, must be people who really think a lot of themselves to justify spending time and money on something as frivolous as relaxation. It’s a projection that people who afford bodywork really don’t mind taking up a lot of room for themselves, while the rest of us put everyone else first and do without, for the team.

Concept 3: There is a dirty little secret about bodywork. (No, not that.) It’s that moment of bliss after your session has ended, when the therapist leaves the room, and you are on the table, in total relaxation, still fully in the balmy glow of the session. For that moment, you don’t feel guilty about having taken the time or the money for yourself. You feel awesome. Like you’re having your cake and eating it, too. But what you might not appreciate at that moment is that your secret doesn’t have to be dirty! And it doesn’t have to be secret!

Bodywork feels good, sure. But, it’s also good for you. Go ahead! Take up some room! Suit yourself! You don’t feel this surrepticious after getting blood work, done, do you?

Concept 4: Bodywork, and especially craniosacral therapy, in my opinion, help people achieve their greatest version of health. Health looks a little different for each individual, but our bodies are all capable of finding greater balance. When we take a little time for self-care, we are more fully engaged with our lives, and by extension, becoming more fully our best selves. If our heads are on straight, we are better able to let go of dysfunction and embrace health that works. We begin to embody our Suture Self.

Suture Self is both a noun and an imperative. It is a way of describing ourselves in balance and harmony, and it is an encouragement to be that person who unapologetically takes a little time out for her/himself in order to do so, even if it feels self-serving. It’s a way of rewriting the concept that serving self is selfish or bad.

As the awesome Maurice Sendak said, “Live you life! Live your life! Live your life!”

Thanks for visiting East Bay Massage. I’m off to get some bodywork!


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