East Bay Massage: Body Image and Massage

Feeling chronically unhappy with our bodies can have serious and sometimes life-long ramifications. Feelings of disapproval, disappointment, and frustration about the way our bodies look can send us down the rabbit hole of self-loathing. Believing the images put forward in the media surrounding beauty puts us at odds with our selves and effects not only the way we feel, but can effect the way we live inside our bodies. Feelings of shame, embarrassment, or self-hatred effect the way we hold our bodies– imagine rounding your shoulders forward in an effort to conceal a full chest. This posture strains the muscles in our back and contracts the muscles of the chest in a way that prevents full use of the lungs.

Everyone knows that massage is good for addressing muscle soreness. Beyond that, however, massage helps to release patterns of physical, mental, and emotional tension. When we criticize, belittle, and wish our bodies to be other than they are, we are forgetting what a treasure we have been given. How else would we know our favorite song, a great glass of wine, or the feeling of a warm hug if not through our bodies? Massage puts us back in touch with ourselves, and helps us feel good as we do come back into contact with our bodies. It’s an opportunity to experience something truly positive and enjoyable from within the body. Instead of looking at the body from the outside as an object to be dieted into shape, massage affords the self to experience the body from the inside out. 

Sometimes, people who may be feeling frustrated with their bodies may shy away from being touched, or may feel fearful about disrobing. Massage therapists have seen it all– and we take a professional view of the human body. A massage therapist’s goal is always to make sure you feel safe and comfortable, keeping you draped at all times.

Experiencing positive sensations from within the body is a powerful step in the direction of finding relationship with the outside of the body. Bodywork helps this development, and creates a therapeutic relationship whose aim each session is increased integration, acceptance, and honoring of self for the client.

Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage!


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