Although miscarriage is something that many women experience, it is not something often openly talked about in our culture, even among other women. Sadly, a sense of isolation can develop in addition to mourning the loss of a pregnancy when there is no obvious way for a community to support a woman after miscarriage.

Women may find that the use of therapeutic touch can become an important part of their healing but may have questions as to whether massage is safe after miscarriage.

Massage can be deeply healing in times of grief. It can stimulate the production of beneficial hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. A woman’s hormone levels can fluctuate greatly after pregnancy loss. The comfort of touch can benefit a woman in grief, but it may also help her body produce those hormones which can help her feel better– less isolated– and this can have an emotionally stabilizing effect.

Massage after miscarriage is generally safe for women. If you or someone you love has experienced pregnancy loss and are wondering if massage could help, rest assured that massage is as therapeutic as it is relaxing. Check with a doctor or midwife to be sure that massage is right for you if you are not sure, but massage is generally only contraindicated during the acute phase of the miscarriage.

For further information about massage after miscarriage, see East Bay Massage: Massage After Miscarriage. Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage.



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