Integrated Bodywork

Every body has a unique story to tell– injuries, chronic illness, stress manifest differently for everyone. To that end, I draw on the modalities of my training in order to meet each client where they are physically and emotionally.

Esalen massage is my foundational modality and its philosophy has influenced how I come to this work. Esalen massage promotes a safe connection between the therapist and the client, with respect, integrity, and a quality of spaciousness that invites the client to let go of stress which can overload the central nervous system and impact how we feel in our bodies. I always strive to promote integration in the body– reminding the hip how it relates to the knee and foot, for instance, or the shoulder how it relates to the elbow and wrist is one of my goals as your therapist.

Sometimes, what is called for is a good old-fashioned deep tissue massage. Accessing deeper tissue layers is often very effective in relieving symptoms of pain or limited range of motion. It is important to warm the tissues up to avoid bruising, and to go slow to maximize therapeutic benefit without causing injury. Oftentimes, hot stones help to penetrate the deepest tissue layers and help them to relax without the need for pressure on the body. Whether it’s accomplished with a forearm, elbow, or hot stone, deep tissue massage doesn’t have to hurt– when done with a good dose of patience, it can feel goooood.

Craniosacral therapy is profoundly effective in assisting the central nervous system find its balance. CST is appropriate for most people, and can be an important method in relieving low back, neck, and cranial discomfort. This gentle modality offers an important  counterweight to deep tissue massage and is yet another access point to better health.

These modalities, in combination with Reiki, chair, and pregnancy and infant massage inform how I approach your session. Every body is different, and even the same body comes to me in different states of tension at each session.

“Integrated Bodywork” refers not only to my tendency to combine modalities to offer the client the best possible experience, but it also refers to integration within the client’s body at the close of a session. Massage helps the different parts of the body to become re-membered, to join together in wholeness and in greater health.


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