Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. I offer a range of services at affordable prices so that the benefits of regular bodywork are available to my clients.

Services offered at SAP-Dublin Monday-Friday include:

15 Minute Massage
Perfect for working one trouble-area, this spot-specific massage is great for those with a tight schedule or for any budget-conscious client!
$23.00 individually/ $68.00 package of four

30 Minute Massage
A good option for clients who enjoy receiving regular bodywork at least once or more a week.
$40.00 individually/ $106 package of three

45 Minute Massage
…almost as awesome as an hour long massage, but without the time crunch.
$58.00 individually/ $158.00 package of three

60 Minute Massage
Recommended for everyone’s first massage in order to get to know your body and your treatment goals, the 60 minute massage allows for a complete accounting of the body’s tension patterns.
$75.00 individually/ $208.00 package of three

90 Minute Massage
A tremendous option for the end of the day or before a stressful meeting, the 90 minute massage is as therapeutic as it is relaxing!
$110.00 individually/ $314.00 package of three

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Stones are heated to a safe but therapeutic temperature, and then placed on the body as placement stones to relax tense muscles while work is done elsewhere. Also used in the hands as movement stones as the therapist performs the massage– warm rivers through the muscle tissue.
$100.00 single

60 Minute Prenatal Massage
Side-lying techniques are used to achieve that elusive, quality relaxation. Bolsters help Mama get comfy while she and baby can take a rest! For second and third trimester pregnancies only.
$85.00 single session

Be sure to check the Online Scheduling button to see the latest session offerings at SAP-Dublin and to book yours today!

Services offered at The Montclair Wellness Center on Sundays include:

Esalen Massage— characterized by long, flowing strokes which serve to integrate the body as a whole through varied depth of pressure. Re-membering parts that may have become isolated through trauma, injury, or repetitive stresses is the result of this relaxing massage.

$75.00/60 minutes or $100.00/90 minutes

Deep Tissue— achieving depth in muscle tissue through patience to avoid discomfort, typically coupled with stretches. When appropriate, some Thai techniques are integrated to achieve greatest comfort in the deep layers. Great for athletes, post-marathon, or anyone with deeply rooted tension.

$75.00/60 minutes or $100.00/90 minutes

Craniosacral– inviting the body to restore balance in the craniosacral system. This includes freeing restrictions within the cranial bones, spine, sacrum and pelvis. Listening to the body’s deep rythmns through gentle holds characterizes this profoundly relaxing modality.

$90.00/60 minutes or $120.00/90 minutes

Prenatal Massage– side-lying techniques are used in the second and third trimesters, and the mama’s comfort is of utmost importance! To that end, extra bolstering is used to find that perfectly comfortable position that all too often eludes pregnant women as their center of gravity changes with the growth of their new baby. Special attention is paid to the calves, lower back, and shoulders as these areas are often areas of discomfort during pregnancy.

$90.00/60 minutes or $120.00/90 minutes


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