East Bay Massage: February is Heart Health Month!

Celebrate Heart Health Month by treating yourself or a loved one to a massage. Massage provides your cardiovascular system with lots of benefit, so whether you’ve got a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day or not, you can still do something awesome for yourself that feels as luxurious as it is healthy!

Did you know that massage increases blood flow? Massage creates vasodilationРthe enlarging of blood vessels. Increasing blood flow is important when we consider that the blood is a transport for nutrients and oxygen to all of the tissues in the body. This is especially important for the brain, as good blood flow helps to reduce the risk of stroke. Increased blood flow also helps to prevent muscle cramping, which can be helpful to athletes after intense workouts.

Because massage helps you relax by releasing feel-good hormones and reduces respiration rates, it also reduces blood pressure. Those of us with hypertension might consider how massage can fit in to our health care routine. Maybe some simple lifestyle changes can help to reduce the amount of medication we take for hypertension.

Massage helps to mechanically pump the fluids of the body throughout– the lymph system, those tiniest vessels about one cell thick are the last phase before blood is returned to the heart. Lymph helps fight against infection, but the system requires movement to pump its fluids– it is not pumped by the heart. Massage helps stimulate the flow of lymph.

These are just a few reasons why massage is good for your heart. Thank you for visiting East Bay Massage!