East Bay Massage: Pregnancy and Massage

Being pregnant changes things forever. At the end of these nine months, you’ll have a precious little baby to fall in love with, to learn about, and to whom you will devote untold amounts of energy, attention, and love. Being a parent changes life, starting literally from the inside out.

When you are pregnant, you can reasonably expect to feel fatigued, especially in the first trimester. Growing that little bean takes a lot of energy! Be kind to yourself– take naps, eat well, and drink plenty of water. You may experience nausea, either sequestered to only one part of the day, or, more commonly, periodically and across the day. If this is the case, I feel for you! Be sure to get rest and fluids, and don’t lose hope that you will once again remember what it was like to not feel perpetually hung-over.

Many women find that by the second trimester, their energy levels have increased and their nausea has decreased. This is a great time to start receiving massage! You can continue to receive regular bodywork up to and including labor.

As you well know, ligaments are stretching and becoming more flexible in order to accommodate the birthing process. You may experience lower back aches as the sacro-uterine ligament is taxed by the growing baby in your uterus. This also changes a woman’s center of gravity, so be mindful about how you use your body. As breasts grow ready to produce milk, you may experience upper back/shoulder tension. Receiving massage during this time can help to relieve tension at the shoulders and around the shoulder blades.

Receiving massage while laying on your side gives your body the chance to be supported. Taking the load off your lower back in and of itself often brings delightful relaxation. From this side-lying position, work can be done around the shoulder girdle and scapula. 

Women commonly experience leg and foot cramping during pregnancy, especially if they are on their feet all day at work. The extra weight and increased fluid volume in the body can tax the lower extremities. Rexflexology for the feet is effective in relieving tension and can be done while side-lying.

Be sure to tell your massage therapist if you have vericose veins, high blood pressure, or gestational diabetes. While these conditions do not necessarily rule you and baby out for massage, your therapist needs to know in order to tailor the session to your unique needs.

If you’re expecting, do yourself and baby a favor and get some good bodywork! Relaxation is therapeutic, especially when you’re growing a person!

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